Three Stroke Herbal Medications to Consider

Herbal medicine is often the choice of people to cure diseases, one of which is stroke. However, before using herbal stroke medicine, you should consult and consider the doctor first. Medical treatment for stroke patients must be started as soon as possible. The sooner treatment is started, the more permanent damage can be prevented. Actually the goal of the most effective stroke treatment is to prevent long-term disability, and be able to save lives. Various Herbal Stroke Medications In addition to therapy and medical drugs, many people also look at herbal stroke medicine as an addition or complement in post-stroke healing. However, most of these natural ingredients do not yet have enough clinical research evidence to replace existing medical treatments. But if you are interested in these alternative treatments, here are some herbs that are considered herbal remedies for stroke: Garlic A study that revealed, consumption of garlic is very beneficial in dilating blood vesse
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